Reject Government Retaliation

I am a civil rights activist who stands up to bad government and out of control public servants. But now I’m under attack, a target of retaliation: They’re trying to shut me up and shut me down. Only with your help will I be able to defend myself and continue to hold government accountable. It will be an expensive fight. But I know I can count on your support of $20, $100, $1,000, or your most generous contribution so I can defeat these accusations and continue to reform bad police.

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Goal: $25,000
18% Funded
$4,605.00 Raised
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127 days ago

To help you keep up the good work.


127 days ago

I admire your courage! Keep fighting for the people! The people united will NEVER be defeated!


127 days ago


128 days ago

I selected $20, but the PAYPAL link showed $0.00, -- so something isn't working with PAYPAL. I had to use a Credit Card, which I'd rather not do, and others may just walk away, so please help US help YOU!


128 days ago

I wish I could afford to give you more David, it is so important what you do to expose the bad cops and at the same time acknowledging good cops and protecting our constitutional rights.


130 days ago

Don't let HPD get away with murder.


131 days ago

I believe in you David. I'll do more to help soon. Best of luck.

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